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Estate And Trust Administration Services

When a loved one passes, we understand that administering the trust or estate is the last thing a family wants to think about. Rest assured, it does not have to be a daunting task. We provide guidance and assurance to administrators, executors, and trustees as they begin the process of administering a trust or estate of a deceased person. In addition to delivering adept counsel, our experienced trust and estate administration attorneys are sensitive to family dynamics. If you’re an estate administrator, executor or trustee, let us help you perform your duties with confidence.

Understanding The Estate And Trust Administration Process

The process of handling a decedent’s estate is called estate administration.

After a person dies, his or her estate must be administered. Administering an estate includes:

  • Resolving all valid claims – including settling debts and paying income taxes
  • Filing the will
  • Taking an inventory of the property
  • Notifying the beneficiaries
  • Distributing assets under a will
  • And more

An estate may be administered through the probate process if the individual died with a will or died intestate. If the individual established a trust, the assets will be administered according to the terms of the trust and through trust administration.

A probate court decides the legal validity of a testator’s (deceased person’s) will and admits it for probate administration.

While this can be a complex process, we assist clients through it step by step. We offer more than just legal advice, or legal services. We offer education. We see to it that our clients feel comfortable with each action and understand related estate or trust documents.

Assisting The Next Generation: How Our Team Of Trust And Estate Administration Attorneys Provide A Seamless Estate Settlement Process

Guiding personal representatives through their roles in administering estates and trusts is a responsibility our law firm does not take lightly. Our goal is to work diligently and efficiently to minimize the stress of our clients and to ease tax burdens for estates and trusts of all types and sizes.

From the initial appointment to the final distribution, we work closely with administrators, executors, and trustees through the entire probate and estate settlement process. Regardless of your estate’s value or level of complexity, we place great value on remaining accessible to our clients.

Our Estate And Trust Administration Services

When you partner with our team of trust, estate and probate attorneys, you will benefit from streamlined services, including:

  • Estate and trust administration after death
  • Representation of individual and corporate trustees
  • Representation of personal representatives/executors
  • Representation of estate and trust beneficiaries
  • Handling probate litigation
  • Preparation of inventory and fiduciary accounts
  • Management of assets/efficient transfer of estate assets
  • Preparation and filing of federal estate tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of federal gift tax returns
  • Payment of valid debts and expenses
  • Disbursement of funds to beneficiaries
  • Establishment or continuation of trust

Estate And Trust Administration Attorneys In Ohio

As an estate administrator, executor or trustee, we understand your goal is to fulfill your responsibilities to the person whose estate or trust you are administering in a swift, smooth manner. We are here to advise you on the legal process of discharging your duties through experienced counsel and capable representation. What questions do you have? We are here to help you navigate the entire administration process. Contact us online or call our office at 440-569-1505 to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation at one of our three Ohio law offices.