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Probate Litigation

Throughout the trust and estate administration process, disputes can arise and even the most carefully written estate plans can be challenged. Probate litigation may be required for a multitude of reasons, including breaches of fiduciary duties, inadequate or lack of estate planning, family conflicts, unforeseen events, and more. When trust and estate disputes develop, probate court may be necessary to rectify an issue or resolve contests.

The goal of our probate attorneys is to resolve the trust or estate dispute as quickly and effectively as possible to preserve assets. If you are facing probate litigation or need representation, we are here to listen and offer experienced legal counsel.

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Who Does Schraff Thomas Law Represent?

At Schraff Thomas Law, we represent individuals on both sides of a probate issue.

  • When trustees and personal representatives of estates find themselves facing litigation, we help them resolve disputes and achieve the most favorable outcome.
  • When beneficiaries and other individuals interested in an estate or trust feel a personal representative, trustee, or attorney has violated a duty, we litigate on their behalf.

Protecting Your Interests: How Our Team Of Probate Litigation Attorneys Resolve Disputes And Achieve The Most Favorable Outcome

Extensive and complex law governs the proper administration of estates and trusts. The estate may include a will and/or trust(s).

If an estate or trust controversy evolves, it is essential to obtain experienced representation so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

With extensive trial experience in trust and estate disputes, our trust and estate litigation attorneys are capable of representing clients in all types of challenges.

We have expertise in estate planning, trust and estate administration, fiduciary standards, beneficiary rights, creditor rights and taxation of trusts, estates, and individuals. We understand how and why trust and estate disputes emerge and the best strategies to defuse and avoid them.

Above all, we understand that probate litigation involves extremely delicate matters. With the utmost sensitivity, discretion and client-centered advocacy, we are able to successfully protect the rights and interests of personal representatives and beneficiaries alike.

Our Trust And Estate Litigation Services

Our probate litigation attorneys, or trial lawyers, help clients resolve trust and estate litigation cases involving:

  • Will and trust contests or disputes
  • Power of attorney abuse
  • Breaches of trustee duty
  • Issues of undue influence, duress and lack of testator capacity
  • Administrator appointments (in the case there is no will), inheritance or estate disputes, including asset management, missing assets, and sale/purchase of estate assets
  • Delayed distributions of trust funds
  • Estate and trust accounting
  • Taxation issues
  • Lawsuits and collection efforts against estates
  • Ownership disputes over property
  • Guardianship contests or disputes
  • Issues regarding disposition of family businesses
  • Enforcing trust limitations
  • Trust reformation

Our team also manages arbitrations and mediations to reach a resolution in a less confrontational and often less expensive manner.

Probate Litigation Attorneys Working For You In Ohio

We are dedicated to helping our clients find practical, effective solutions to trust and estate disputes. Throughout the process, we help you avoid unnecessary conflict and minimize expenses whenever possible. Our probate litigation attorneys will make the entire process easy for you to understand and fight for your cause. Contact us to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation at one of our law offices.

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