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Caring For Your Loved Ones Through Guardianships

As people grow older or circumstances change, many can no longer care for themselves or make decisions without help. When this happens, a probate court will often appoint a guardian to take over decision-making about their medical and financial affairs.

At Schraff Thomas Law, we are experienced attorneys who assist clients throughout northeast Ohio through the guardianship process. It can be complicated to take control over the life of someone you love. We take the time to listen and get to know you, and we will provide you with options so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Representing You Throughout The Guardianship Petition Process

The court will appoint a guardian when a minor is abandoned, a minor’s parents die, or a disabled or elderly adult can no longer make decisions about their medical, financial or personal affairs. While becoming a guardian is an emotional process, you have the benefit of being able to protect your loved one from further harm.

The appointed guardian has the responsibility to manage their estate and make important decisions on their behalf, including those involving:

  • Medical care
  • Education for minors
  • Day-to-day care, such as shelter and food

The guardianship process involves petitioning the court and proving that your loved one cannot make their own decisions and that you will act with their best interests in mind. At Schraff Thomas Law, we will assist you in filing the proper motions and represent you in front of a judge. We will be there for you through every step of the process.

We Are Here For You

Petitioning for guardianship is stressful enough without worrying about when you will hear from your lawyer. At Schraff Thomas Law, we prioritize clear and prompt communication with our clients and respond to questions and concerns as quickly as possible. To schedule a consultation at our Willoughby Hills, Chagrin Falls or Strongsville offices, call 440-569-1505 or complete our online contact form.